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Insect flight is now an active and well-integrated research area, attracting participation from a wide range of talents. Not only because nature has bred astonishing solutions to this complex real world challenges but also it offers us a perfect objective of biologically inspired engineering research, which could lead to a greater understanding of novel biomechanisms on the "intelligence" of a flying insect and a breakthrough for biomimetic designing and building small-scale flying mechanical devices, namely, Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). Aiming at developing an effective tool to unveil key mechanisms in bio-flights as well as to provide guidelines for bio-inspired MAV design, we propose a comprehensive computational framework, which integrates aerodynamics, flight dynamics, vehicle stability and maneuverability. This paper highlights our recent works associated with the MAV-motivated computational biomechanics in insect flight and its application for development and evaluation of an insect-inspired, flapping-wing MAV with a weight of 2.4~3.0 g and a wingspan of 10~12 cm.