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Researches on flapping-wing micro air vehicle (FMAV) have received great attention in recent years To this end, the low Reynolds number aerodynamics, as well as the flight dynamics and control were discussed elsewhere. This work will focus mainly on the material choice, structuring and actuation of flapping-wing robotic insect.
The main ideas of robotic insect were described: unlike the design using articulated wings, our flying system, actuated by micro-mechanism in the thorax, employs resonant flexible wings without articulations to obtain a higher energetic efficiency. Few works, up to now, suggested using MEMS technology to realize a polymer-based flying object at insect size. In this report, we will experimentally create and test novel insect prototypes made of SU-8 and/or PDMS, and employ analytical and Finite Element Method (FEM) tools to well understand insect wing motion and relevant different mechanisms such as the damping ones.