Publiée le 29/06/18 à 11h34

Dr. Natalia Caldes, CIEMAT (Spain)


The purpose of this motivation speech/presentation is to briefly present and highlight the achievements and challenges faced by various scientist women throughout the history (among others, Hipatia, Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklind). Next, the presenter will talk about her personal experience as a social scientist working in the field of sustainable development and, based on her own experience, will share with the audience some personal recommendations (like how to frame a research project and stay motivated, some tips on how to write successful international research proposals, etc). Finally, the presenter will listen and try to answer any comment/question from the audience.

Dr. Natalia Caldés is a senior researcher at the Energy Systems Analysis Unit of CIEMAT. Her research focuses on energy and climate change policy studies and sustainability assessment of energy technologies. Besides other research activities, she is currently coordinating the H2020 project MUSTEC (Market Uptake of STE through Cooperation) aimed at exploring and proposing concrete solutions to overcome the various factors that hinder the deployment of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects in Southern Europe capable of supplying renewable electricity on demand to Central and Northern European Countries. Besides her everyday research activities at CIEMAT, she also lectures in some graduate programs and acts as PhD

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