Publiée le 29/06/18 à 11h00

Pr. Charles Wessner, Professor of Global Innovation Policy at Georgetown University (USA)


What are the policies and programs that underpin US success in innovation? How do attitudes, risks, funding and opportunities combine to encourage US innovation? What are other countries doing? And how can we innovate faster and better to address the challenges of global warming and climate change while generating jobs and growth in our countries and communities? These and other topics will be taken up in an entertaining fashion by a globally recognized authority on effective innovation policies.


Recently named an Officer of the Order of Merit by the President of France, Dr. Charles Wessner teaches Global Innovation Policy at Georgetown University and is a powerful advocate of effective innovation policies. Recognized internationally for his expertise on innovation policy, he previously advised the National Technology agencies of Finland (TEKES) and of Sweden (VINNOVA) and recently the governments of Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. Before joining Georgetown University, he served for two decades as a National Academies Scholar where he founded and directed the National Academy of Sciences Program on Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Wessner also serves as a Peer Advisor in the OECD Development Centre’s advisory work with Shenzhen, China and is leading a multi-year study of the development of the New York Nano-cluster.

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